Preparing for Your First Cycling Event

If you have been inspired by the latest events of road biking events and you’d like to get into the sport by signing up for one, the reasonable question that goes around new bikers always begins with, “How do I start?”. It’s common to get the anxious and excited for your first big event, but preparing yourself is another bigger aspect to lay focus on.

Putting a dedicated number of hours to be comfortable at your own base pace also involves training your strength, endurance, and balance. This is best started a minimum of two months in advance before the day of the race. The goal of getting your base pace to be on par with keeping up with other riders during the event is to cycle for the same duration during the big day. If you can comfortably ride for a minimum of two to three hours, you’re off to a great start.

It is vital to note that a fitted bike is a must for everyone participating a cycling event. Having a bike that is not fitting to your size will cause a long journey of uncomfortable rides, which you can end up with getting an unpleasant experience to your first event. Choosing a road bike that is right for you can be confusing on your first try. Consider visiting a local bike professional or going on a website that caters especially for road bikes. An example of a website is, a site that provides the best quality road bikes to serious riders.

Getting into local group rides allows more exposure towards getting advice from experienced riders. If they have a beginner group for you to join, the leader of often helps with improving the basic skills and etiquettes needed while riding down the road. Usually, a big cycling event will hold hundreds to thousands of riders riding together, getting used to group rides allows you to be comfortable with the presence of others cycling next to you.

Though group rides may be more focused towards racing to the end of the trail, finding a mentor will greatly benefit you to have yourself under their wing. Having someone that understands the struggles of being a new cyclist will help get better at learning the fundamentals and decreases your learning curve at a fast pace.

At the end, there is always ambition in every cyclist to achieve the fastest time to complete the event, but for a first-time cyclist participating among a group of experienced ones, it’s always best to get experience first and have fun!